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Advanced coexistence technologies for radio optimisation in licensed and unlicensed spectrum



 Welcome to the website of the ICT-ACROPOLIS Network of Excellence (NoE)! The ACROPOLIS NoE was initiated on the 1 October 2010.

Wireless communications, perpetually a source of innovation, is entering new and uncharted territory. In order to maximise the potential of wireless communications systems and cater for the demands of the future, cognitive and cooperative communications paradigms are being considered that support advanced coexistence technologies for radio resource usage optimization. Such technologies need new thinking, and the development of architectures and facilitators which aim to realise the full set of benefits that these technologies might offer. Such benefits might include enhanced system capacity, improved spectrum usage efficiency and energy efficiency, enhanced wireless connectivity coverage, and the ability to support novel and interesting wireless communications applications and use cases, among many others.

To acheive the aforementioned ends, experts in such coexistence technologies must cooperate, share expertise, and harmonize their research, such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Moreover, the next generation of European researchers must be produced, with the right skills‐sets to solve the challenges posed by such technologies. Prospective future researchers should therefore be educated on the fundamentals of these technologies.

The ACROPOLIS NoE is specifically designed to meet these challenges through a joint research agenda and the educating of graduate students in various summer and winter schools. ACROPOLIS also aims to arrange events that serve the general success and benefits of coexistence technologies including cogntive radio and spectrum sharing.


ACROPOLIS e-Newsletter (September 2013)

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Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events planned...


Past Events 

  • ACROPOLIS 3rd Annual Workshop and Industry Panel - London, UK, 12-13 September 2013 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Workshop on Cognitive Radio Medium Access Control and Network Solutions (MACNET) at IEEE PIMRC 2013 - London, UK, 8 September 2013 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Co-Organized Workshop "CRAFT" at ISWCS 2013 - Ilmenau, Germany, 27 August 2013 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Summer School 2013 - London, UK, 8-12 July 2013 alt

  • ACROPOLIS Special Session at ICT 2013 - Casablanca, Morocco, 6-8 May 2013 alt

  • ACROPOLIS Industry Sessions "Key Ideas and Demos" at the 19th European Wireless Conference - Guildford, UK, 16 April 2013alt

  • ACROPOLIS Winter School 2013 - Castelldefels-Barcelona, Spain, 14-15 February 2013 alt

  • ACROPOLIS Summer School 2012 - Athens, Greece, 5-7 September 2012 alt

  • ACROPOLIS Special Session on “Advances on Cognitive Radio and Learning Mechanism” at ISWCS 2012 - Paris, France, 29 August 2012 alt

  • ACROPOLIS 2nd Annual Workshop on “Advanced Coexistence Technologies for Radio Resource Usage Optimisation” and Industry Panel - Brussels, Belgium, 27-28 June 2012 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Special Session at CROWNCOM 2012 - Stockholm, Sweden, 18-20 June 2012 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Winter School on “Experimental Methods in Wireless Communications” - EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, 20-22 February 2012 alt
  • ACROPOLIS 1st Annual Workshop on “Advanced coexistence technologies for radio resource usage optimisation” - Barcelona, Spain, 4-5 October 2011 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Workshop on "Cognitive Radio and Networking: Challenges and Solutions Ahead" in conjunction with IEEE PIMRC 2011 - Toronto, Canada, 11 September 2011 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Special Session on "Technical Enablers and Platforms for Cognitive Radio" at EUSIPCO - Barcelona, Spain, 29 August - 2 September 2011 alt
  • ACROPOLIS Summer School on Cognitive Wireless Communications - Florence, Italy, 12-15 July 2011  alt
  • ACROPOLIS Mini-Winter School at IEEE DySPAN 2011 - Aachen, Germany, 3-6 May 2011 alt


First Europe’s Geolocation Radio License


[]: In August 2012 Fairspectrum Oy announced the deployment of Fairspectrum geolocation database in the communication system, which implements the Europe’s first TV White Space geolocation database radio license.